Early Childhood
Assistant Diploma

Duration:38 Weeks

Class Schedule:Mon - Fri

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This diploma program is designed to prepare students for working in the early childcare and education field. Its objective is to provide the students/childcare workers with valuable knowledge, skills and experience to pursue employment as Assistants in day care or early learning centres. During the program, participants will be exposed to the responsibilities of an early childhood assistant and opportunities to perform those responsibilities. The program also covers the foundational skills needed for those seeking to move into an Early Childhood Educator program.

Program Notes

Tuition fees include student manuals and all other course materials. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.

Graduation Requirements:

Achieve a minimum pass mark for each individual modules of 70%; successfully complete all practicum placement requirements; Maintain current Standard First Aid and Level C CPR certification; Pass the ECA Final Comprehensive Theory Examination administered by NACC

Career Opportunities

This program provides the student with a range of skills and knowledge required to assist in day care or early learning centres. Employment opportunities for Early Childhood Assistant program graduates reside in public and private day care/childcare or early learning centres.

Admission Requirement

  • Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status
  • Must pass a Wonderlic test
  • Signed Vulnerable Sector Disclaimer
  • Signed Medical Disclaimer

Core Modules

  • Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • Communications
  • Infant and Child Development
  • Observation Skills
  • Health Safety and Nutrition
  • Child, Family and Community
  • Practicum I: Develop professionally in a supervised worksite; Observe, assess, plan and monitor children under ECE supervision; Promote health and safety in childcare setting; Collaborate with children, families, communities and colleagues
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Play-Based Learning Strategies
  • Language and Literacy
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Guiding Children’s Behaviour
  • Creating Inclusive Environments
  • Special Needs
  • Practicum II: Collaborate with children, families, communities and colleagues; Observe, assess, plan and monitor children under ECE supervision; Promote health and safety in childcare setting

Personal Attributes Required

To be successful as an Early Childhood Assistant, individuals must possess the ability to:

  • Be professional, punctual, dependable and trustworthy; a good team player
  • Have good oral communication skills, including listening skills
  • Be friendly, enthusiastic and energetic
  • Use good observation and supervision skills
  • Be respectful, courteous, patient and caring
  • Show interest in and appreciation for children
  • Demonstrate good time management and organizational skills
  • Model good behaviour and attitude
  • Follow confidentiality guidelines

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist and participate in the day to day operations of a childcare centre or early learning centre
  • Help to provide a nurturing, caring environment in which young children can thrive Understand the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children from infancy to age 6
  • Maintain a professional approach while observing and guiding children throughout the day
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with parents, children and co-workers
  • Provide opportunities to enhance children’s self-esteem during daily activities
  • Encourage socialization of children as they play and experience things together
  • Be knowledgeable in related health and safety issues during daily operations
  • Understand nutritional requirements of young children as they relate to daily meal planning and assisting with meal time
  • Supervise children during indoor and outdoor play, and during rest periods
  • Lead children in activities by telling stories, teaching songs and preparing craft material
  • Guide and assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and toilet habits
  • Attend staff meetings to discuss progress and problems with children
  • Prepare and serve snack
  • Assist the supervisor in keeping records
  • Maintain day care equipment and assist in housekeeping duties

Method of Delivery

Combination of:

  • Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning College facilitators.
  • Instructor-led
  • Practicum