I want an education but I'm not sure what should I study. What do I do?

Contact us and discuss your career goals with one of our friendly career consultants. They have helped thousands of students decide upon the perfect diploma program, and they’ll do the same for you! They’ll ask you all the right questions and build upon skills, interests and goals you may already have. You can call us or fill out our online form, if you prefer. If you’d like to come in to see us, feel free to book a tour of our campus, where ALL of your questions will be answered and you’ll see first-hand the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes Academy of Learning College Bay & Queen Campus so unique!

Can I Afford an Education in Canada?

Yes! We have many different financial assistance options, one of which is guaranteed to suit your needs. We’ll sit down with you and help you decide which is best for you and your needs, and we’ll guide you through the application process. Remember that we’ve helped thousands of students, and we’ll help you, too!

Am I Eligible for Ontario Student Assistant Program (OSAP)?

Students may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). You can visit the Ontario government’s page on Student Assistance to learn more or go through the following FAQ, which addresses the most commonly asked questions related to OSAP.

What if I'm not eligible for OSAP. Does this mean I can’t attend your College

We’ve helped students who aren’t eligible for OSAP find other financing options that will finance their education. Contact one of our career consultants to find out more about those other options.

I’ve been unemployed for a while and money is tight. Is there financial assistance for me?

Yes, there is! Contact us to learn more about Ontario’s Second Career Program, and the financial assistance available to unemployed, under-employed or laid-off workers. One of our career consultants will help you determine your eligibility and assist you in filling out the application form.

My english isn’t very good. Can you help me with that?

We provide English language lessons that will help you develop your English skills, these lessons are free for our students.

Do I have to visit the school before enrolling?

We strongly encourage potential students to come in and visit us to learn more about our campus and courses, and to experience for themselves the friendly, supportive environment that we foster here at Academy of Learning College. In a face-to-face meeting, we can answer any and all of your questions and reassure you that getting an education is the best investment you’ll ever make. Meeting in-person also gives us the opportunity to address any concerns or worries you may have and show you that there are no issues that cannot be overcome. We’ll make sure that nothing stands between you, your education and a bright, new career!

How do I book a tour or arrange to visit your campus?

  1. You can call us at (416) 969-8845 and speak to someone directly. We can arrange the tour while on the phone with you!
  2. You can use our online form to select your ideal date and time for a tour, and we will get back to you by phone or email.
  3. You can send us an email with your contact information, as well as any questions you’d like answered before your tour.
  4. You can stop by our campus at 1255 Bay Street, Suite 600 and speak to someone in person to set up the appointment for your tour.

What if I’m too busy for a tour?

Education is a big investment, it is very important for you to see the school before you make such an important decision. We strongly recommend you to visit the school(s) you are interested in attending. We do our utmost to accommodate your schedule, but if you don’t think you can find the time to come visit our campus in person, please contact us and let us guide you through the admissions and enrollment procedure and answer any questions you may have. We’ll help you make the right career decisions and show you just how quickly and easily you could be on the path to a brighter future.

Will you help me find a job after I graduate?

Yes, while we cannot guarantee a job, we are committed to help you. We provide placement assistance upon graduation that will help you look for jobs you’re now qualified for, the forms of assistance include and are not limited to: job search workshop, resume clinic, interview skills training, English lessons, placement and more.