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Class Schedule:Mon - Fri

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Administrative Assistants perform administrative and clerical duties that keep an office running smoothly and efficiently. As a profession, it provides steady and consistent employment to new graduates, which is why it has always been a popular career path.

Our Administrative Assistant’s diploma will provide you with the skills and training required to start a career with total confidence. You’ll learn office administration and bookkeeping procedures and increase proficiency in relevant computer software programs. This can include software for spreadsheets, project management, bookkeeping, billing, communication and appointment tracking. You’ll work on the important skills that make an Administrative Assistant such a key member of the office environment, such as data entry, accurate keyboarding and document filing.

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Administrative Assistants perform a number of crucial duties that contribute to the professional and well-run office. Tasks vary, but they may be asked to manage front desk duties, such as answering phones, manning busy switchboards, handling correspondence, and setting and confirming appointments. Most importantly, they are often the first person of contact for clients, whether in person or on the phone. This means the Administrative Assistant sets a helpful and cheerful tone for the business or company.

Administrative Assistants may also be responsible for computer data entry, faxing, filing and photocopying as well as ordering office supplies and arranging for the repairs of office equipment. They often sit in on executive meetings, organize the agenda, take minutes and submit those minutes for approval and distribution.

If you’re looking for job stability that will bring you personal and financial independence, contact us today and learn more about our Administrative Assistant diploma program. In just 29 weeks, could have all the skills and training you require to start a new career with confidence!


Your Administrative Assistant diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay & Queen Campus will let employers know that you have the skill and experience they’re looking for. Some of the personal attributes employers also look for include:

  • Superior customer service skills
  • Communication and organization skills
  • An ability to multi-task
  • A professional and helpful demeanour
  • Strong keyboarding skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Proficiency in relevant software programs
  • Strong management skills
  • Respect for confidentiality and discretion

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Administrative Assistants are required in virtually every business or company, which means the workplace options are varied. Graduates of our Administrative Assistant program have found employment in a variety of wide-ranging workplaces, including:

  • Government offices
  • Medical offices
  • Business offices
  • Corporate head offices
  • Legal offices
  • Retail offices
  • And many more!

With classes starting every week, you can be on your way to a new career and sooner than you ever imagined. Contact Academy of Learning College Bay & Queen Campus for more information on becoming a Administrative Assistant and learn about financial assistance options that work best for you. A new direction starts now!


In just 29 Weeks, you can graduate and start a career as an Administrative Assistant. Contact Academy of Learning College Bay & Queen Campus today to learn more about our admissions procedures and the many financial assistance options that we offer. Why wait a moment longer? Your future starts now!